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Founded in 2004 by David Guy Levy, Periscope Entertainment is a Los Angeles based company that develops and produces independent theatrical film and entertainment properties. With unique, non-genre specific projects in development and set for release, Periscope Entertainment is dedicated to discovering innovative and original material and developing it into a unique cinematic experience.

About David

Having been singled out by Variety for being a “producer to watch”, David Guy Levy has amassed a number of producing and directing credits in the 15 years since founding Periscope Entertainment.

In 2012, David directed his first scripted feature film, a psychological thriller called “Would You Rather”, which stars Brittany Snow, Jeffrey Combs, and Sasha Grey. IFC Films/IFC Midnight released the film for a healthy Theatrical and VOD run, and the film was released on Blu-Ray and DVD July 9, 2013.

His most recent film “The Mandela Effect” finished post-production in August of 2018 and is will be released by Gravitas Ventures in the fall of 2019.

David also wrote the comic book series "Back to Back to the Future". It's the story about what would happen if the makers of the "Back to the Future" films went back in time and made sure that Eric Stoltz was never replaced by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. It was released July 10, 2013 and all the proceeds go towards The Young Storytellers Foundation.

Since the formation of Periscope Entertainment in 2004, Levy has also helped produce such films as Azazel Jacob's “Terri”, starring John C. Reilly, and Austin Chick's "August", starring Josh Hartnett. He most recently produced the documentary "Banking on Bitcoin" which was released in theaters and on-demand by Gravitas Ventures on January 6, 2017. 

Born in New York, Levy grew up living in between Manhattan and Africa, where his parents made their living as wildlife photographers and filmmakers.

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